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EPIC Moves to Intervene in Google Book Settlement, Cites Absence of Privacy Safeguards

Today, EPIC filed papers in federal district court on the proposed settlement between Google, authors, and publishers. The Google Books settlement would create a single digital library, operated by Google, but currently fails to limit Google's use of the personal information collected. EPIC stated that the settlement "mandates the collection of the most intimate personal information, threatens well-established standards that safeguard intellectual freedom, and imperils longstanding Constitutional rights, including the right to read anonymously." EPIC further warned that the Google Books deal "threatens to eviscerate state library privacy laws that safeguard library patrons in the United States." EPIC has previously participated as a "friend of the court" in many cases involving privacy issues. PRESS RELEASE - Media Call at 1 pm ET, Friday (9/4/09). For more information, see EPIC Google Books Settlement and Privacy.

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