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Lights Out for Flashlight App Developer in Privacy Case

The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with the developer of a flashlight app for Android mobile devices that deceptively collected and then disclosed consumers' personal information to third parties. "Brightest Flashlight Free" secretly collected location information and unique identifiers from users and then provided that information to third parties, including advertising networks. The developer even even included a dummy privacy setting that had no actual effect. The settlement prohibits the company from misrepresentations and requires it to obtain the affirmative express consent of consumers before using and disclosing personal information. Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said the flashlight app left users "in the dark about how their information was going to be used." EPIC has previously commented on mobile privacy issues before the FTC, emphasizing the importance of the Fair Information Practices. For more information, see EPIC: Federal Trade Commission.

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