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EPIC Gives 2014 International Award to European Parliament Member Jan Albrecht

EPIC has given the 2014 International Champion of Freedom Award to European Parliament Member Jan Philipp Albrecht for "modernizing and defending the law of data protection." As a rapporteur for the Committee on Civl Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Albrecht has led the effort in the European Parliament to update European privacy law. He is also an outspoken defender of privacy rights and has promoted the investigation of the NSA program of mass surveillance. Albrecht received the award from EPIC at the annual Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection conference in Brussels. Previous award recipients include privacy activist Max Schrems, Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, European Parliamentarian Sophie In't Veld, Australian Jurist Michael Kirby, and Constitutional Law Scholar Stefano Rodotà. The award is given by EPIC annually in recognition of January 28, International Privacy Day.

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