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Federal Agencies Fail to Safeguard "Big Data," Breaches Doubled in Just a Few Years

The Government Accountability Office has issued a report, warning that federal agencies "have not been consistent or fully effective in responding to data breaches." The GAO found that "the number of reported information security incidents involving personally identifiable information has more than doubled over the last several years." The report further states, "the increasing number of cyber incidents at federal agencies, many involving the compromise of personally identifiable information, highlights the need for focused agency action to ensure the security of the large amount of sensitive personal information collected by the federal government." EPIC recently warned the White House about the enormous risks to Americans of current "big data" practices. EPIC and more than 20 organizations have urged the Administrations to establish strong privacy safeguards and improve accountability across the government and private sector. For more information, see EPIC: Big Data and the Future of Privacy.

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