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Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on FBI to Consider Drones, Facial Recognition

The Senate Judiciary Committee's oversight hearing of the FBI will take place of Wednesday, May 21. This is the first FBI oversight hearing since James Comey took over as Director. At the last oversight hearing, Director Mueller admitted that the FBI uses drones for domestic surveillance. The FBI promised to establish privacy guidelines but has failed to do so. The FBI has also failed to address the privacy implications of license plate readers and facial recognition technology. The FBI's Next Generation Identification program, a massive biometric system, is set to go fully operational this year; yet the agency has not established civil liberties safeguards. The database will employ facial recognition, iris recognition, and voice recognition. Documents obtained by EPIC under the FOIA indicate the agency is prepared to accept a 20% error rate for recognition techniques. For more information, see EPIC v. FBI - Next Generation Identification.

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