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White House Publishes Report on "Big Data and Future of Privacy"

The White House has released a report on big data and the future of privacy. The report "Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values" makes several recommendations to the President: "(1) advance the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights; (2) pass national data breach legislation; (3) extend privacy protections to non-U.S. persons; (4) ensure data collected on students in schools is used for educational purposes; (5) expand technical expertise to stop discrimination; and (6) amend the Electronic Communications Privacy Act." The report identifies discrimination as a key concern, stating "A significant finding of this report is that big data analytics have the potential to eclipse longstanding civil rights protections in how personal information is used in housing, credit, employment, health, education, and the marketplace." The report also recommends the adoption of Privacy Enhancing Technologies. EPIC urged public participation in the review process. The White House report incorporates several recommendations from EPIC and other privacy organizations. For more information, see EPIC: Big Data and the Future of Privacy, EPIC: "Privacy in the Commercial World."

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