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Coalition to Attorney General: Review FBI's Massive Biometric Database

EPIC, EFF, ACLU, Defending Dissent, and a coalition of over 30 organizations have urged Attorney General Holder to immediately conduct a privacy assessment of the FBI's proposed "Next Generation Identification" system. NGI is a massive database that includes biometric identifiers, such as digitized fingerprints and facial images, of millions of Americans. The system is set to go fully operational despite a required privacy assessment. EPIC previously sued the FBI to obtain details about the system. According to a FOIA document obtained by EPIC, the FBI accepts a 20% error rate for facial recognition searches of the Next Generation Identification database. Last year, EPIC also obtained documents from the FBI regarding the use of facial recognition on state DMV photos. For more information, see EPIC's Spotlight on Surveillance on FBI's Next Generation Identification Program.

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