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EPIC with Civil Society Urge OECD to Examine "Dominant Internet Firms"

Speaking at a high level meeting on Internet Policy Making, EPIC President Marc Rotenberg urged the OECD to examine the impact dominant Internet firm may have on the future of innovation and freedom. Citing the Charter of the OECD Civil Society Council, Rotenberg said "dominant Internet firms are moving to consolidate their control over the Internet. It is vitally important for the OECD to develop a better understanding of the challenge industry consolidations pose to the open Internet." The OECD is well known for the International Privacy Guidelines and is currently updating the Security Guidelines, which establish a global framework for managing cyber risks. A Ministerial meeting meeting will be held in Mexico in 2016. For more information, see CSISAC, EPIC - OECD Privacy Guidelines, OECD Security Guidelines.

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