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EPIC, Coalition Urge UN Human Rights Council to Review U.S. Spy Programs

In a joint submission to the United Nations, the Brennan Center, EPIC, and other public interest organizations urged the Human Rights Council to review U.S. surveillance programs. The Council regularly performs a Universal Periodic Review of the human rights record of UN Member States. As a result of the Council's last review, the U.S. Government committed to protect individual privacy and stop spying on citizens without judicial authorization. The coalition letter argues that U.S. has not honored this commitment and that U.S. "surveillance activities also violate the rights to privacy, freedom of expression, and the freedom of peaceful assembly and association..." guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In January 2010, twenty-nine experts in privacy and technology affiliated with EPIC wrote to then U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to urge that the United States ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Privacy. For more information, see EPIC: Council of Europe Privacy Convention.

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