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At OECD Global Forum, EPIC Urges "Algorithmic Transparency"

Speaking to delegates at the OECD Global Forum for the Knowledge Economy in Tokyo, EPIC President Marc Rotenberg urged OECD member countries to endorse "algorithmic transparency," the principle that data processes that impact individuals be made public. Mr. Rotenberg explained that companies are too secretive about what they collect and how they use personal data. Mr. Rotenberg also spoke about the growing risk of identity theft and cited the recent data breaches at Target, Home Depot, and JP Morgan, and urged OECD countries to update privacy laws. Earlier this year, EPIC submitted extensive comments on the White House's review of "Big Data and the Future of Privacy." EPIC called for the swift enactment of the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights and the end of opaque algorithmic profiling. For more information, see EPIC - Big Data, The Public Voice, CSISAC.

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