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California Enacts Comprehensive Student Privacy Law

California has passed the "Student Online Personal Information Protection Act," a comprehensive student privacy law. Among other provisions, the new law: (1) prohibits K-12 mobile and online service operators from using student information to target advertisements to students; (2) prohibits online service providers from creating K-12 student profiles for commercial purposes; and (3) forbids companies from selling student information. The law also requires K-12 mobile and online service operators to establish security measures and to delete student information at the request of a school or district. California also passed a law requiring schools that outsource student records to include privacy in contracts, and a law governing school social media monitoring programs. The Student Online Personal Information Protection Act incorporates many proposals EPIC outlined in the Student Privacy Bill of Rights. For more information, see EPIC: Student Privacy, EPIC: EPIC v. Education Dept., and EPIC: Echometrix.

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