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EPIC Prevails in Case Against FBI About Next Generation Identification

A Federal Court has ruled that EPIC "substantially prevailed" in its open government lawsuit against the FBI for information about the agency's massive biometric database. The Court has also awarded attorneys fees to EPIC. EPIC's lawsuit led to the disclosure of hundreds of pages about "Next Generation Identification", a vast FBI database program with fingerprints, DNA profiles, iris scans, palm prints, voice identification profiles, and photographs, on millions of Americans suspected of no crime. The Court found that "There can be little dispute that the general public has a genuine, tangible interest in a system designed to store and manipulate significant quantities of its own biometric data, particularly given the great numbers of people from whom such data will be gathered." EPIC has recommended new privacy safeguards and greater Congressional oversight of the NGI program and other identification techniques. For more information, see EPIC: EPIC v. FBI - Next Generation ID and EPIC: Spotlight on Surveillance on FBI's Next Generation Identification Program.

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