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EPIC Urges Department of Defense to Adopt Strong Open Government Rules

EPIC has submitted extensive comments to the Department of Defense, opposing several the agency's proposals to amend its Freedom of Information Act program. The agency plans to modify key terms and agency practices that would disadvantage FOIA requesters and are not consistent with the purpose of the open government law. EPIC's recommended model FOIA regulations, drafted by transparency and accountability groups that promote agency accountability. EPIC did support proposed changes by the agency that favor FOIA requesters and open government EPIC routinely submits comments on FOIA regulations, warning agencies not to erect new obstacles for those seeking information about government. The Defense Logistics Agency, Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Interior Department have adopted EPIC's recommendations on proposed FOIA rule changes. For more information, see FOIA.ROCKS and EPIC: Open Government.

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