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EPIC Urges Federal Court to Uphold FTC Authority to Protect Data Security

EPIC, joined by thirty-three technical experts and legal scholars, has filed an amicus brief in support of the Federal Trade Commission's authority to establish data security standards. EPIC described the extent of the data security risks in the United States, the important role of the FTC, and the danger of removing FTC authority to safeguard consumer data. EPIC said, "The FTC's authority to regulate business practices impacting consumer privacy is well established, the problem is obvious, and the agency has a clear record of success." EPIC cited 50 successful enforcement actions against companies that failed to safeguard customer data. EPIC also detailed the ongoing risks of identity theft and financial fraud facing American consumers. EPIC warned, "Removing the FTC's authority to regulate data security would be to bring dynamite to the dam." For more information, see EPIC: FTC v. Wyndham, EPIC: EPIC Amicus Curiae Briefs.

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