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Pew Research: Future of Data Privacy Uncertain

The Pew Research Center's new survey on "The Future of Privacy" found that experts predict that the struggle over privacy protection will continue through the next decade, though experts are divided about the likely outcomes. Among the key threats identified in the Pew study are the Internet of Things, the monetization of personal information, and increasing government surveillance. EPIC president Marc Rotenberg, one of the experts consulted, predicted, "There will be many contentious battles over the control of identity and private life. The appropriation of personal facts for commercial value — an issue that emerged with Google's 'shared endorsements' and Facebook's 'sponsored stories' — are a small glimpse of what lies ahead. The key will be the defaults: either individuals will control their online persona or it will be controlled by others." In May 2015, EPIC will release an anthology on the future of privacy. The book, "Privacy in the Modern Age: The Search for Solutions," will be published by The New Press. For more information, see EPIC: Public Opinion on Privacy.

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