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New Law Would Strengthen Children's Online Privacy

The "Do Not Track Kids" Act, introduced this week by Senator Markey (D-MA), Senator Blumenthal (D- CT), Rep. Barton (R-TX), and Rep. Rush (D-IL) would strengthen and expand the privacy protections afforded children in the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. The Act extends privacy safeguards to children over 13, requires that businesses collecting information on minors comply with Fair Information Practices, and establishes a "right to be forgotten," allowing parents and minors to remove social media posts, similar to California's Eraser Law. EPIC has long advocated for the privacy rights of children, testifying in Congress 1996 in support of the Children's Privacy Law and again before the Senate in 2010 as new technologies and business practices emerged. EPIC also urged FTC in 2011 to establish stronger regulations to protect the data concerning children.

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