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In Court: EPIC Challenges FAA Failure to Establish Drone Privacy Rules

EPIC has filed the opening brief in a lawsuit against the Federal Aviation Administration. EPIC charged that the agency’s failure to establish privacy rules for commercial drones is a violation of law and should be overturned. The EPIC lawsuit followed an Act of Congress requiring a “comprehensive plan” for the integration of drones and petition, backed by more than one hundred organizations and privacy experts, calling for privacy safeguards. EPIC stated that “As the agency has determined not to issue rules, contrary to the FAA Modernization Act and EPIC’s Rulemaking Petition, the Court must now order the agency to do so.” The case is EPIC v. FAA, No. 15-1075. The United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit is expected to hear oral argument in the case early next year. Press Release - EPIC v. FAA

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