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EPIC Defends Drivers’ Right to Sue for Safety, Privacy Risks As Congress Warns of Risks to Public

EPIC has filed an amicus brief in a case concerning the privacy and public safety risks of “connected” cars. EPIC warned that connected cars "expose American drivers to the risks of data breach, auto theft, and physical injury.” EPIC said a lower court was wrong to dismiss the case. EPIC urged a federal appeals court to allow consumers to "the opportunity to present legal claims stemming from the defendants’ sale of vehicles that place them at risk." This week researchers at Black Hat revealed new vulnerabilities in networked vehicles as Senators Blumenthal and Markey urged the FCC to establish “robust safety, cybersecurity, and privacy protections  before automakers deploy vehicle-2-vehicle . . . communication technologies.” EPIC has filed several amicus briefs defending consumers' rights to enforce their privacy rights.

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