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National Academies Releases Report on Government Data, Statistics, and Privacy

The National Academies of Sciences has released a new report that examines how disparate federal data sources can be used for policy research while protecting privacy. The NAS Statistics and Privacy Report states that privacy must be a "core value" of any use of government data and recommends that federal statistical agencies "adopt modern database, cryptography, privacy-preserving, and privacy-enhancing technologies” and "engage in collaborative research with academia and industry to continuously develop new techniques to address potential breaches of the confidentiality of their data." EPIC President Marc Rotenberg and EPIC Advisory Board member Cynthia Dwork served on the committee that developed the report. Mr. Rotenberg testified before the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking, which is working on increasing access to government data for policy analysis. EPIC also filed comments with the Commission urging it to promote Privacy Enhancing Techniques.

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