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Comey Confirms Russian Investigation, FBI Seeks Delay in EPIC FOIA Case

Following Director James Comey's confirmation of the FBI investigation into ties between Russia and Trump's presidential campaign, the FBI asked to delay EPIC's FOIA lawsuit against the agency. In EPIC v. FBI, EPIC seeks public release of records pertaining to the Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential election. Yesterday, in an open hearing before the House Select Intelligence Committee, Comey acknowledged for first time that the FBI is investigating possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia's interference in the election. Following the testimony, the FBI immediately asked the court for more time file a schedule for processing the FOIA request in EPIC's case against the FBI. EPIC is simultaneously pursuing a FOIA appeal with the DOJ, pressing the agency to reveal the existence of any applications to wiretap Trump Tower. EPIC has also filed suit against the ODNI for public release of the Complete ODNI Assessment of the Russian interference in the 2016 election, and a new EPIC project, the EPIC Cybersecurity and Democracy Project, will focus on US cyber policies.

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