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EPIC, Coalition Focus on Immigration Orders, Data Practices, and Government Accountability

In a letter to DHS Secretary Kelly and Attorney General Sessions, EPIC and a coalition of 25 open government organizations expressed concerns about the lawfulness and objectivity of data practices under several recent immigration Executive Orders. Official memos reveal the Orders are being implemented in "manner that is unlawful and inconsistent with federal information quality guidelines, raising serious privacy, transparency, and accountability concerns." The coalition urged Secretary Kelly and the Attorney General to align data practices with privacy safeguards, open data, and data quality requirements. "Public data allows the public to hold its government accountable - but that is only possible if government information is released in a complete, consistent, unbiased, and open manner," the group stated. Earlier this year, EPIC also collaborated with other open government advocates to push for greater transparency in federal dispute resolution services and to preserve access to government information online.

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