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European Parliament Expresses Alarm Over Rollback of US Privacy Safeguards

In a resolution passed today, the European Parliament expressed alarm over the rollback of U.S. privacy safeguards necessary for Privacy Shield, a framework permitting the flow of European consumers' personal data to the United States. The Parliament cited several recent developments including procedures that allow the NSA to disseminate raw data across the US government, vacancies at the Federal Trade Commission and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, the repeal of an FCC privacy rule, and the absence of effective redress for violations of Privacy Shield. The resolution of Parliament called on the European Commission to rigorously analyze these matters and to "take all necessary measures" to ensure the agreement respects EU privacy rights. In 2015, EPIC a coalition of privacy organizations had urged the US and the EU to strengthen privacy protections, following a landmark decision that found insufficient legal protections for the transfer of consumer data to the US.

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