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EPIC Appeals Decision in Voter Data Case

EPIC has appealed the decision of a federal district court which declined to block the collection of sensitive voter data by the Presidential Election Commission. EPIC had argued that the Commission failed to complete a Privacy Impact Assessment before collecting voter data and violated the constitutional right to information privacy. Though the district court agreed that EPIC had standing to bring the lawsuit, the court concluded that it couldn't halt the data collection because, according to the court's opinion, the Commission is exempt from the obligation to undertake a privacy assessment. EPIC's case, which led the Commission to suspend the collection of voter data two weeks ago, will now be reviewed on an expedited basis by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. "Absent expedited review," EPIC warned, "the Commission will be allowed to systematically amass the sensitive, personal information of the nation's voters without establishing any procedures to protect voter privacy or the security and integrity of the data." The case is EPIC v. Commission, No. 17-1320 (D.D.C. filed July 3, 2017).

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