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EPIC Calls for End to Collection of State Voter Records by Presidential Commission

In a statement today for a Forum organized by the House Judiciary Committee and the Congressional Black Caucus, EPIC President Marc Rotenberg called for an end to the efforts of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity to gather state voter records. Rotenberg said the program was "ill-conceived, poorly executed, and most likely unconstitutional." EPIC brought suit against the Commission, charging violations of federal laws and the federal constitution, and noting also that the Commission's plan to gather data on a military site that returned error messages was pure incompetence. The Commission has since suspended the program, pending a decision by the federal court in EPIC's case. But the Commission meets this week in Washington to discuss next steps. In the prepared statement, Rotenberg said, "I hope the Commission will simply announce the termination of the program. But if it does not, EPIC will pursue its case until we obtain a favorable outcome. And we welcome the many organizations across the country that have also filed lawsuits." The case is EPIC v. Commission, No. 17-1320 (D.D.C. July 3, 2017).

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