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EPIC Files Response to Election Commission in Voter Privacy Case

In a reply filed today in federal district court, EPIC charged that the President's Election Commission "has conceded the obvious: the privacy implications of this unprecedented demand for voter roll data from across the country are staggering." EPIC rebutted every point in the government's response, noting that the Commission often failed to cite any support for its extraordinary claims to gather personal data outside of federal privacy law. Members of the EPIC Advisory Board, experts in computer technology, contributed affidavits that underscored the vulnerabilities of the Commission's plan to aggregate personal voter data. EPIC also called Vice Chair Kobach's statements "alternately misleading or meritless." EPIC said the Commission's actions "places at risk the privacy interests of registered voters across the country." In EPIC v. Commission, EPIC is seeking to block the transfer of sensitive voter data to a Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. EPIC explained to the Court that it has "a clear likelihood of success on the merits."

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