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EPIC v. ODNI: EPIC Opposes Intelligence Agency Refusal to Release Russia Report

EPIC has opposed the Director of National Intelligence’s refusal to release a critical government report about Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential election. In EPIC v. ODNI, EPIC seeks the public release of the agency’s report on the Russian interference. EPIC filed suit after the ODNI published only a limited, declassified version of the report. In filings in federal district court, EPIC explained that the ODNI’s failure to provide EPIC partial information cannot satisfy the Agency’s obligations under the FOIA. EPIC stated that release is “necessary for the public to evaluate the Intelligence Community response to the Russian interference, assess threats to democratic institutions, and ensure that agencies are taking appropriate measures to protect U.S. electoral institutions against future attack.” Long after the attack on U.S. democratic institutions, “significant information asymmetry between the public and its government remains,” EPIC said. EPIC v. ODNI is a part of the EPIC Cybersecurity and Democracy Project, which focuses on US cyber policies, threats to election systems and foreign attempts to influence American policymaking.

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