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Senators Introduce Legislation to Strengthen Cybersecurity for Internet of Things

A bipartisan group of Senators, including Senators Mark R. Warner (D-VA), Cory Gardner (R-CO), Ron Wyden (D-WA) and Steve Daines (R-MT), have introduced legislation to improve security of Internet-connected devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017 would require "Internet of Things" devices purchased by the U.S. government to meet minimum security standards. IoT device manufacturers who sell products to the federal government must commit that their IoT devices: (1) are patchable; (2) do not contain known vulnerabilities; (3) rely on standard protocols; and (4) do not contain hard-coded passwords. "The proliferation of insecure Internet-connected devices presents an enormous security challenge," said EPIC Advisory Board member Bruce Schneier, "The risks are no longer solely about data; they affect flesh and steel." EPIC has been at the forefront of policy efforts to establish safeguards for IoT devices, connected cars, "smart homes," consumer products, and "always on" devices. A 2015 report from the Aspen Institute also explores "Policies for the Internet of Things."

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