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White House Cancels Safety Rule for Connected Vehicles

The Trump administration has set aside a proposed rule by the National Highway Transit Safety Association to regulate vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology for all new cars and light trucks. V2V technology transmits data between vehicles to "facilitate warnings to drivers concerning impending crashes." NHTSA and safety advocates have touted V2V technology as life-saving, noting that traffic fatalities have surged over the past two years with the increased use of cellphones. The rule was also supported by automakers to establish baseline safety standards. EPIC commented on the proposed rule and urged NHTSA to adopt stronger privacy protections. EPIC also submitted comments to the FTC and NHTSA for a workshop on connected vehicles, recommending that the agencies do more to protect consumer data. Security researchers have provided numerous examples of remote hacking of vehicles. The administration has denied that it has made any final decision on the rule, but it was removed from an OMB list of upcoming regulatory actions.

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