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EPIC Renews Call For FTC To Stop Secret Scoring of Young Athletes

EPIC has urged the Federal Trade Commission to act on a Complaint EPIC previously filed with the FTC about the secret scoring of young tennis players. The EPIC complaint concerns the "Universal Tennis Rating," a proprietary algorithm used to assign numeric scores to tennis players, many of whom are children under 13. According to EPIC, "the UTR score defines the status of young athletes in all tennis-related activity; impacts opportunities for scholarship, education and employment; and may in the future provide the basis for 'social scoring' and government rating of citizens." EPIC pointed to objective, provable, and transparent rating systems such as ELO as far preferable. EPIC has championed "Algorithmic Transparency" as a fundamental human right. Earlier this month, the Council of Europe adopted the modernized Privacy Convention that establishes a legal right for individuals to obtain "knowledge of the reasoning" for the processing of personal data.

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