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EPIC Seeks Records from FTC Regarding Irish Audits of Facebook

EPIC has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request seeking records about the Irish Data Protection Commissioner's inquiries regarding Facebook’s compliance with the FTC's Consent Order. In 2011, the Austrian privacy group Europe-v-Facebook and other parties filed formal complaints to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner about third party access to Facebook user data. The Irish Data Protection Commissioner then initiated an audit of Facebook to assess its compliance with both Irish Data Protection Law and EU law. The 2011 Irish audit found that the safeguards for third party applications did not ensure security for user data. In a 2012 re-audit, the Irish on Commissioner found a "satisfactory response" from Facebook regarding preventing third party applications. Following the 2012 re-audit, the FTC and the Data Protection Commissioner signed a Memorandum of Understanding to exchange information to enforce compliance with privacy laws in each respective country. Two years after the Data Protection Commissioner found a "satisfactory response" from Facebook regarding third party applications, a third party application harvested the data of over 87 million users and transferred the data to Cambridge Analytica.

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