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EPIC Urges FTC To Strengthen Revised Settlement with Uber

In detailed comments to the Federal Trade Commission, EPIC urged the FTC to strengthen a revised settlement with Uber. The FTC reached a settlement with Uber back in August of 2017 for its numerous privacy abuses, including secretly tracking riders and using software to evade authorities. But shortly after announcing the settlement, the FTC discovered that Uber had hid a massive data breach and used its bug bounty program to pay off the hackers. As a result, the FTC required Uber to submit all of its privacy assessments to the Commission. While EPIC supported the FTC’s action, EPC said that "the FTC should make Uber's privacy assessments public so that consumers can evaluate whether the company is meeting its obligations under the Consent Order." The FTC's initial investigation and subsequent settlement with Uber were prompted by EPIC's complaint against Uber's in 2015.

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