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EPIC Urges Antitrust Agencies to Raise their Game

In a statement to the House Judiciary committee, EPIC urged lawmakers press the FTC and the Department of Justice at a hearing on "Oversight of the Antitrust Enforcement Agencies." EPIC emphasized the risks of mergers to American consumers, stating that "companies that protect user privacy are being absorbed by companies that do not protect privacy." EPIC pointed to the Facebook-WhatsApp deal and the failure of the FTC to protect the personal data of WhatsApp users after the merger. EPIC testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about mergers in the online advertising industry after EPIC told the FTC that Google's acquisition of DoubleClick would diminish privacy and stifle innovation. EPIC earlier opposed Doubleclick's acquisition of Abacus, explaining that the deal would lead to increased profiling of American consumers. Consumer organizations in the US and the European Union recently urged antitrust authorities on both sides of the Atlantic to subject mergers to greater scrutiny.

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