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Cover ArtEPIC v. Department of Justice: The Mueller Report chronicles the efforts to obtain a full account of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. EPIC, a DC-based non-profit, filed the first lawsuit in the country for the release of the full and unredacted Mueller Report and obtained a newly redacted version in early May 2019. EPIC is now challenging the redactions in federal court.

"EPIC v. Department of Justice: The Mueller Report is an essential guide to the legal arguments about the redactions, the dispute between the Attorney General and the Special Counsel, and EPIC's request for the Mueller Report and other information about Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election."

Read the book the Attorney General wouldn't! More great work from @EPICprivacy.”

Garry Kasparov
Chair, Human Rights Foundation

The redacted Mueller report is rich in information, but legislators would very likely benefit enormously by knowing more about a number of things from the pages that have been kept from Congress: how Moscow devised its attempts to penetrate the Trump campaign and the tactical benefits it expected to gain from different parts of the operation, what actions Americans took wittingly and unwittingly to support Kremlin front organizations and WikiLeaks, and why members of the Russian delegation at Trump Tower were not charged with violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Those are just a few of the many pieces missing from the puzzle.”

Ryan Goodman
Professor, New York University and Editor in Chief, Just Security

EPIC's case for the release of the full Mueller Report should help shed further light on the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.”

Steve Aftergood
FAS Project on Government Secrecy

EPIC v. DOJ is vitally important to make sure that the unreacted Mueller Report be made available to the American public.”

Anne Weismann
Chief FOIA Counsel, CREW

The public has the right to know the nature and extent of outside interference in the 2016 elections.”

Conrad Martin
Executive Director, Fund for Constitutional Government

EPIC’s case for the release of the Mueller Report makes clear the ongoing importance of the Freedom of Information Act.”

Lisa Rosenberg
Executive Director, Open The Government

I urge Attorney General Barr - in the interests of the integrity of the Justice Department, in the interests of the American people, in the interest of the rule of law - to publicly release the full Mueller report. Any attempt to hide swaths of the Mueller report from public scrutiny will only fuel suspicions that President Trump's Justice Department, which represents the United States, is playing the role of President Trump's defense team. We all deserve better.”

Senator Patrick J. Leahy

  • A foreword by EPIC President Marc Rotenberg
  • An introduction to the Freedom of Information Act
  • The letter from the DOJ to EPIC regarding the redactions in the Mueller Report
  • The annotated version of the Mueller Report provided to EPIC in its Freedom of Information Act litigation
  • The statement from the Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller about the release of the report
  • The statements from Attorney General William Barr about the contents of the report
  • The original EPIC Freedom of Information Act request that produced the release of this version

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