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White House Encryption Policy Announcement

On September 16, the Clinton Administration announced a new initiative on encryption policy . In addition to certain changes to the existing export control regime (the specific details of which will not be released until later this year), the Administration unveiled a new legislative proposal -- the Cyberspace Electronic Security Act (CESA). The following documents deal with various aspects of the Administration announcement.

EPIC's Press Release on the Announcement

White House Press Release

Transcript of White House Press Briefing

Commerce Department Questions & Answers on Encryption Policy Changes

"Preserving America's Privacy and Security in the Next Century: A Strategy for America in Cyberspace" (Report to the President)


Cyberspace Electronic Security Act

The following preliminary documents on CESA have been provided by the White House, with the caveat that the final versions may contain some revisions.

Fact Sheet

Transmittal Letter to Congress

Text of the Cyberspace Electronic Security Act

Section-by-section Analysis


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