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Department of Defense
FOIA Request
Director, Freedom of Information & Security Review
1155 Defense Pentagon, Room 2C757
Washington, DC 20301-1155
January 26, 2001
Re: Freedom of Information Request
Dear Sir or Madam:
This letter constitutes a request under the Freedom of
Information Act ("FOIA"), 5 U.S.C. § 552, and is submitted on
behalf of the Electronic Privacy Information Center ("EPIC").
We request copies of all records concerning the Department of
Defense's (DoD) communication with N2H2, Inc. or Roper Starch
Worldwide, the products 'Bess,' 'Class Clicks,' and the 'Roper
Youth Report,' and any similar activities pursued by DoD. This
request includes, but is not limited to: minutes of meetings with
N2H2 and Roper Starch representatives and others, notes,
correspondence, submissions, reports, memoranda, electronic mail,
and staff calendars and appointment books.
For purposes of fee assessments, we request that EPIC be placed
in the category of "news media" requester. EPIC publishes a
biweekly electronic newsletter, issues regular public reports and
analyses, and maintains a free online electronic library. EPIC
staff members are also regular contributors to numerous
newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and law reviews. Any
information that is obtained as a result of this request will be
disseminated through these publications and others. We note that
the FTC, the National Security Agency, and other agencies have
previously recognized that EPIC qualifies for "news media"
status. We also request a waiver of all applicable duplication
fees, as release of this information will contribute
significantly to the public's understanding of the activities and
operations of government.
As the FOIA requires, I will look forward to your response within
twenty (20) working days.
Chris Hoofnagle
Staff Counsel