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The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (the "LIBE" Committee) is an influential Standing Committee of the European Parliament responsible for protecting civil liberties, human rights, and fundamental rights in the European Union. The LIBE Committee has jurisdiction over migration and asylum rules, the border, criminal law including the police and judicial cooperation, and, importantly, data protection. The LIBE Committee has members, and is currently chaired by member of European Parliament (MEP) Claude Moraes of the UK.

The European Parliament has legislative powers and assists in reviewing of EU's international agreements and other international commitments. Proposals are reviewed by the Committee with subject matter expertise before review by the entire Parliament, called a Plenary Session. The Committee is made up of MEPs who are directly elected representatives of citizens in each member state. There are twenty Committees. The LIBE Committee has sixty members and additional substitute members.

On data protection, LIBE most recently has played a key role in developing the General Data Protection Regulation, EU's comprehensive data protection update; investigating the Facebook Cambridge-Analytica breach; updating the ePrivacy Regulation, a complementary communications privacy law; reviewing the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, a deal for transferring EU consumers' data to the U.S,; and other key privacy and civil liberties issues.

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