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Who Owns Personal Information?
Anatomy of a Privacy Case

Public Attitudes and Interesting Facts


1996 DIRECT Poll

A survey conducted in spring 96 for a prominent direct marketing magazine reveals: Source: Direct, June 1996 issue.

A copy of the full report can be ordered from DIRECT Survey, Cowles Business Media, 470 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10016.

4/96 Georgia Tech University Fifth WWW poll

The on-line survey asked to rate the level of agreement with various statements from Agree Strongly (5) to Disagree Strongly (1).

Survey finds online users strongly support anonymous net use:

Most users recognize that Web site designers have a legitimate need to:

But they strongly oppose commercial sale of personal information:

Source: The fifth GVU WWW survey . The numbers taken from the data privacy section.

1991 Time CNN Poll

The most comprehensive poll on public attitudes toward the sale of marketing data was undertaken in 1991 by Time/CNN.

Source: "Are You Concerned?" Time Magazine, November 11, 1995.

Lou Harris Privacy Polls

For three decades the Lou Harris organizations has been polling public attitudes toward privacy.

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