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Approved Contractors for BAA-02-08: Total Information Awareness

new"Statement of Work" documents for the Total Information Awareness project have been obtained through EPIC's FOIA lawsuit against the Department of Defense. The Statement of Work describes the project deliverables and timeline. These documents can be viewed by following the links in the "Project Title" category in the table below. (April 4)

Source: Documents obtained by EPIC under the Freedom of Information Act. The Contractor, Control #, Protect Title, and Defense Contract have been taken from letters sent to contractors. These letters are available for download in four parts: [Part 1: 728KB] [Part 2: 872KB] [Part 3: 688KB] [Part 4: 476KB]). The Project Title is linked to a Statement of Work (in PDF) if available. The Contract Date and Amount have been taken from forms describing each contract awarded. These individual forms have been linked (as PDF files) from each budgeted amount shown below.

Contractor Control # Project Title Defense Contact Date Amount
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) 1.38 Protecting Privacy of Individuals in Terrorist Tracking Applications Craig Anken, Air Force Research Laboratory    
AlgoTek, Inc. 1.58 Novel Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Exploitation of Massive, Non-physical Data Barbara Meyrowitz, DARPA    
Alphatech, Inc. 1.01 Extensible Probabilistic Repository Technology (XPRT) Craig Anken, Air Force Research Laboratory   *
Alphatech, Inc. 2.05 Policy Formation and Explanation Using Stories and Arguments (Polestar) Daniel Daskiewich, Air Force Research Laboratory   *
Veridian Systems Division 2.90 Human Augmentation of Reasoning through Patterning (HARP) Daniel Daskiewich, Air Force Research Laboratory 12/31/02 $27,384,578.00
Cycorp, Inc. 2.25 Terrorism Knowledge Base Daniel Daskiewich, Air Force Research Laboratory 11/18/02 $9,893,161.00
ISX Corporation 2.42 Agent-assisted, Context-based, Collaboration across Information Spaces (AXIS) Daniel Daskiewich, Air Force Research Laboratory 12/06/02 $4,639,832.00
21st Century Technologies, Inc. 2.01 Automated Detection, Indentification, and Tracking of Deceptive Terrorist Activity (AUDITT) Daniel Daskiewich, Air Force Research Laboratory 11/15/02 $1,410,046.00
Telcordia Technologies, Inc. 2.80 Awareness Enabled Coordination Daniel Daskiewich, Air Force Research Laboratory 12/06/02 $5,233,690.00
Global Infotek, Inc. 2.34 Group Awareness Agents for Collaboration: Empowering the Agile Enterprise Brad Mcmurrey, SPAWAR 10/30/02 $4,346,475.00
Science Applications International Corporation 2.68 Services and Applications in Support of Collaborative Evidential Reasoning Brad Mcmurrey, SPAWAR 02/05/03 $4,643,609.00
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) 2.60 Knowledge-based tracking of content change in growing collections of text documents Brad Mcmurrey, SPAWAR 10/30/02 $2,595,582.00
University of Southern California 2.86 Just-In-Case Just-In-Time Analysis Brad Mcmurrey, SPAWAR 12/16/02 $1,700,000.00
Metron, Inc. 2.51 Stochastic Optimization Model for the Tracking and Disruption of Terrorist Operations Brad Mcmurrey, SPAWAR 11/12/02 $1,199,851.00
Colorado State University 2.24 Adaptive Filtering, Routing and Expertise Location for Two Media: Text and Imagery Brad Mcmurrey, SPAWAR    
Evolving Logic 2.29 Confronting Surprise: Robust Adaptive Planning for Effective Total Information Awareness Brad Mcmurrey, SPAWAR 11/18/02 $2,204,704.00
Aptima, Inc. 2.102 Network Modeling Environment for Structural Intervention Strategies (NEMESIS) Barbara Meyrowitz, DARPA    
Lockheed Martin Information Systems 2.98 Development and Integration of Synthetic Environment Technologies that Support Battle Reconstruction (P02-ASC-019) Alan Fredrick, DARPA Information Exploitation Office funding    
Oculus Info, Inc. 2.99 New Representation for Dynamic Force Properties for Use in Collaborative 3-D Battlespace Displays Barbara Meyrowitz, DARPA Information Exploitation Office funding    
The Analysis Group, Inc. 2.100 Project Anaconda Barbara Meyrowitz, DARPA Information Exploitation Office funding    
Booz Allen Hamilton 3.01 Assured Transition and Transformation   11/07/02 $8,626,727.00
Hicks & Associates Inc. 3.09 Information Awareness Prototype System Development   12/13/02 $19,300,000.00
Hicks & Associates, Inc. 3.10 Threat-Based Adaptive Red Teaming and Experimentation   1/31/03 $897,706.00
Raytheon 3.20 National Collaborative Environment (NCE) prototyping architecture      
The Fund for Peace 3.28 Developing C.A.S.T. Enabled Terrorism Indicators Barbara Meyrowitz, DARPA    
Institute for Physical Sciences 3.29 Asymmetric Threat Analysis Barbara Meyrowitz, DARPA    

* - Contract awarded in the amount of $4,774,046.00 on 11/21/02. It is unclear which Alphatech project this applies to, as project titles were not referenced on contract award documents.

See also Naval Air Warfare Center Training contract with Poindexter's former employer, Syntek Technologies, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of British Maritime Technologies). Contract No. N61339-02-C-0131, for $5,021,451.00, signed on September 20, 2002 for unspecified work.

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