Voluntary Voting System Guidelines Version I
Initial Report
May 9, 2005
Product of the Technical Guidelines Development Committee
with technical assistance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Transmittal Memo
Overview [Word] [PDF] New material
Volume One, Performance Standards
Section One: Introduction [Word] [PDF] New material
Section Two: Functional Capabilities
2A up to 2.2.6 [Word] [PDF] Original material
2B 2.2.7 [Word] [PDF]  New material
2C 2.2.8 and above [Word] [PDF] Original material
Section Three:  Hardware [Word] [PDF]
Section Four: Software [Word] [PDF]
Section Five: Telecommunications [Word] [PDF]
Section Six: Security
6A Security Standards [Word] [PDFNew material
6B Security [Word] [PDF] Original material
Section Seven: Quality Assurance [Word] [PDF]
Section Eight: Configuration Management  [Word] [PDF]
Section Nine: Overview of Qualification Testing [Word] [PDF]
Appendix A: Glossary [Word] [PDF] New material
Appendix B: Applicable Documents [Word] [PDF] New material
Appendix C: Best Practices [Word] [PDF] New material
Appendix D: Independent Dual Verification [Word] [PDF] New material
Volume Two, Testing Standards
Section 1: Introduction [Word] [PDF]
Section 2: Technical Data Package [Word] [PDF]
Section 3: Functionality Testing [Word] [PDF]
Section 4: Hardware Testing [Word] [PDF]
Section 5: Software Testing: [Word] [PDF]
Section 6: Systems Integration Testing [Word] [PDF]
Section 7: CM & QA Testing [Word] [PDF]
Appendix A: Qualification Test Plan [Word] [PDF]
Appendix B: Qualification Test Report [Word] [PDF]
Appendix C: Qualification Test Design Criteria [Word] [PDF] New material