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@EPICPrivacy is the moderator and co-host of #PrivChat (with Shaun Dakin, @PrivacyCamp). #PrivChat takes place every Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST on Twitter. Participants include lawyers, advocates, industry representatives, technical and security experts, and many people who are interested in privacy.

*UPDATE: It has been a pleasure sharing #PrivChat with you all. As of September 2013, #PrivChat will only take place on the first Tuesday of every month. In 2014, formal #PrivChat sessions will be suspended. We hope the conversation will continue, and we will continue to engage with you on Twitter in other capacities. Thank you.

Topics to be discussed can be submitted in advance of the chat, either on Twitter using the hashtag #PrivChat OR via the Privacy Camp Facebook Page. Topics will be posted here one hour prior to the beginning of each #PrivChat. Transcripts of each chat will be kept and posted on this website. The transcripts are also available directly through Storify.

Along with @PrivacyCamp, we also update and maintain a Google Calendar with important dates and information related to #PrivChat and other Privacy related events and activities. The #PrivChat Calendar is available online. Events and other information can also be submitted using the #PrivChat hashtag.

@PrivacyCamp also maintains a Facebook Page on emerging Privacy topics that can be accessed at

If you have any questions or comments, please submit them to

Many applications are available to follow the weekly conversation. To view it on, you can visit

December 3, 2013

Featured Guest: Marc Rotenberg: President and Executive Director, EPIC (biography)

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What is PrivChat?

#PrivChat is a weekly conversation that takes place on Twitter where anyone can participate in discussions on new and emerging privacy topics. Each week, we start with short introductions. Feel free to introduce yourself and your affiliation to the group if you would like to do so. Typically, 4 topics are highlighted in the discussion (labeled Q1-Q4). Responses to each topic are tagged with the #PrivChat hashtag and labeled A1-A4 in order to distinguish what topic the participant is referring to.

For people who are new to Twitter, a glossary of key terms and tips is available here.

To participate fully in the conversation, I recommend you use a Twitter Chat application. There are many applications available, each with its own benefits. EPIC encourages you to explore the different applications to find the one that works for you. Each week, transcripts from the conversation will be saved and posted online.

Sample Conversation:

  • EPICPrivacy: Q1 House passed new data retention act, HR 1981 (CFIPA), mandating collection of customer IP activity 4 1 yr. #privchat
  • Journalist: A1 @participant1 Re: wireless exemption, here's my CNET piece on DOJ demands: #privchat
  • Participant 2: A1 Big problem with law enforcement access reinforces need for ECPA reform #privchat
  • Participant 3: A1 HR1981's a great chance for #privchat to have an impact. Sharing info about campaigns and talking points ... #privchat
  • Participant 3: A1 and involving people who aren't usually part of civil liberties activism are two clear ways. #privchat
  • Participant 4: Anytime a bill summary includes 'in case police want to ...' (as per @Jounalist story) major privacy red flags should appear.

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