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RankSiteURLDoes it collect PII?Privacy
Adequacy of
on Use of PII?
to PII?
1Geocitieswww.geocities.comYou can apply for free home pages and emailNON/ANONOYESNO
2Yahoowww.yahoo.comSite has a search for addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addressesYESYou can suppress your listings by filling out a formYES, but you can't unregister.YES, but only like everyone elseYESNO
3Starwave Corporationwww.starwave.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
4Excitewww.excite.comThey also have a people finder. They collect information from potential advertisersNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
5Pathfinderwww.pathfinder.comThey have a subscriber agreementYESPersonally identifying information provided by individuals will be used only in connection with Pathfinder or for such other purposes as are described at the point of collection. YESNOYESYES
6Alta Vistawww.altavis ta.digital.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
7Member Home Pageshome.aol.comNO, not on the web pageNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
8C/Netwww.cnet.comHas a registration formNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
9New York Timeswww.nytimes.comYou have to join to access any informationNON/AN/AYESYES
11Kasparov v. Deep Bluewww.chess.ibm.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
12USA Todaywww.uastoday.comThey have classified adsNON/AN/AN/AYESYES
13MacroMediawww.macromedia.comCouldn't access this site.YES
14Progressive Networks www.real.comThey have online order forms for customers and advertisersNON/AN/AN/AYESNO, but realaudio.com does
15Hotwired and HotBotwww.hotwired.com
They have a membership formYESGood. They will not release it to anyone unless you say so.YES, but you can't unregister.NOYESYES
16Sun Microsystemswww.sun.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
18Lycoswww.lycos.comHas a people findNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
19Disney Entertainmentwww.disney.comThey have a contest and registrationYESBad. Info of those 16 or older can be used for marketing and promotional purposesNoneNoneYESYES
20Happy Puppywww.happypuppy.comThey have classified ads and a shopping cartNON/AN/AN/AYESYES
21CBS Sportslinewww.sportsline.comThey have a registrationNON/AN/AN/AYESYES
22MTV Onlinewww.mtv.comCouldn't access this site.?
23Windows 95.comwww.windows95.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
24CompuServeworld.compu serve.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESYES
25Kabalarians Philosophywww.kabalarians.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
26Net@ddress netaddress.usa.netYou have to subscribe to get the free e-mailNONo anonymous e-mail or spamN/AN/ANo anonymous communicationYES
28Hewlett-Pac kardwww.hp.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
31Intelwww.intel.comYou can customize your web page and register to receive a newsletterNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
32Day Traders Onlinewww.daytraders.comThey have a sign-upNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
33The Internet Movie Databasewww.imdb.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
34Apple Computerswww.apple.comCollects PII for sweepstakes.NON/AN/AN/AYESNO
35Amazon.comwww.amazon.comCollects PII for order fulfillmentYESGood noticeYESYESYES
36Opening Screenwww.nasa.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESYES
37LinkExchangewww.linkexc hange.comYou have to join the serviceNON/AN/AN/AYESYES
38United Mediawww.unitedmedia.comThey have a shopping bagYESBad. All they have is encrypted transfer for ordering.You don't have to orderNoneYESNO
39Alta Vista Technologywww.altavista.comThey have contestsNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
40Intellicastwww.intellicast.comThey have a shopping cartNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
43Walnut Creek CDROMwww.cdrom.comYou can order from themNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
44Adobe Systems Incorporatedwww.adobe.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
45Virtual Hospital Home Pagewww.vh.orgNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
46Infoseek Search Engineinfoseek.comWill personalize the news for you.YESThey do say information is optional and they won't make use of it without your consent.YESNOYESNO
48McAfeeMallwww.mcafee.comThey have online registrationNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
50W3C--The World Wide Web Consortiumwww.w3.orgNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
51WhoWhere?www.whowhere.comYESYESYou can be removed by writing them. They also encourage suggestions on their policy.YESNOYESYES
52U. S. Roboticswww.usr.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
53Prodigy Internet: Main Pagewww.prodigy.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
54Hollywood Onlinewww.hollywood.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESYES
55RocketMailwww.rocketmail.comYESYESWill disclose information, but not name, address or emailNoneNoneYESNO
56Official Star WarsWeb Sitewww.starwars.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
57Welcome to AMDwww.amd.comHad a contest. Has a "keep us informed" form.NON/AYou can choose not to enter the contest or submit the form.There are no provisions for this.YESNO
58WebComwww.webcom.comYou must register to use the serviceNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
59SiliconSurf, Reality, SiliconStudios and VRMLwww.surfsgi.comNONON/AN/AN/AYES?
60WebChat Broadcasting Systemwww.wbs.netPII required for registrationYES"Registration information is private and will not be released to anyone"YESNONONO
61Stat Trax Professional Main Pagewww.stattrax.comYou have to sign up to use the serviceNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
62Welcome to Westwood Studioswww.westwood.comCouldn't access this site.NO
63Gamespotwww.gamespot.comIt has a contest and a registration.NON/AN/AN/AYESNO
64Welcome-Ze us Serveradex3.flycast.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
65DejaNewswww.dejanews.comThey catalog Usenet posters under their name and e-mail address.YES. It does allow access, but you can't get off it once you are on.If you use their standard in posting, their software will ignore you.Anyone can access the information.Not in archiving, but probably in people visiting.YES
66Welcome to GlobalCenterwww.primenet.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
67Symantec Corporationwww.symantec.comThey have a survey for free downloadsNON/AN/AN/AYESNO
68Welcome to the Creative Zonewww.creaf.comThey have a survey through which you can win a prize.NON/AN/AN/AYESNO
69CricInfo, Cricket Home Pagewww.cricket.orgThey have a registration featureYESIt is good because it precedes the registration.You don't have to register.There is no provision for access.YESNO
72MindSpring Enterprises Inc.www.mindspring.comThey have all their customer's information, being an ISP. They also have a listing of member web pages.YESThe notice does not meet the criteria and does not deal with PII.There is nothing about control of PIINo provision for access.YESNO
73The Nando Timeswww.nando.netNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
74Electronic Artswww.ea.comThey have survey with a chance to win a game.YES. Names will not be distributed to any third partyYou can choose not to enterNo provision for access.YESNO
75The Weather Channelwww.weather.comYou can "customize a homepage"NON/AN/AN/AYESNO
76AudioNetwww.audionet.comYou can sign up for their weekly newsletter.NO.N/AN/AN/AYESYES
77Global Partnerswww.oneweb street.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
78Welcome and Enjoy Playing Riddler's Gameswww.riddler.comThey have a registrationNOIf you win a game, you have to give your SSN for tax notification purposesN/AN/AYESNO
79Matrox Groupwww.matrox.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
80Cybercity Hong Kongwww.cybercity. hko.netCouldn't access this site.NO
81The Lost World Sitewww.lost-world.comThey have an email list registration.NON/AN/AN/AYESNO
82Internet Count RegistrationIcount.comThey collect name and e-mail address.YES. It is in their FAQ.It is good for email addresses.No provision for control.No provision for access.YESNO
83Washington Postwww.washingtonpost.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESYES
84HoTMaiLwww.hotmail.comThey have all their customers' information and proudly say they will use it to target ads.YES. It is in their FAQThey will not allow anonymous e-mail or spam. They also won't disclose edit or monitor communicationsOnce you are with the service, there is no provision to control your PIIThere is no provision for access.They explicitly say no anonymous emails.NO
85Webpage Home Pagewww.webpage.comNothing more than if you sign up for their services.NON/AN/AN/AYESNO
86LucasArts Entertainment Companywww.lucasarts.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
87NGS-Nationa l Geographic Onlineww w.nationalgeographic.comThey have a registration form so they can "communicate with you"YES It is on the form.It is bad, because it only allows you to uncheck boxes to not get info from themN/AN/AYESYES
89TechWebwww.techweb.comThey have a registration feature.YESIt is not great, because it says they will use it only for demographic data.You can refuse to register.No provision for access.YESYES
90Novell www.novell.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
91The STACK World Wide Web serverwww.stack.nlNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
92National Hockey League Official Web Sitewww.nhl.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
93Borland Onlinewww.borland.comNONON/AN/AN/AYES?
94HealthGate home pagewww.healthgate.comThey have a registration feature.NON/AN/AN/AYESNO
95TV Guidewww.tvguide.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO
96Macmillan Publishing USAwww.mcp.comThey have a contestNON/AN/AN/AYESYES
98Korealinkwww.korealink.comYESYESAll information is strictly confidential and will not be sold or passed on.SomeNOYESYES
99GamePenwww.gamepen.comCouldn't access this site.?
100Miss Universewww.missun iverse.comNONON/AN/AN/AYESNO