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Litigation Under the Federal Open Government Laws 2002




Chapter 1. Overview of the Freedom of Information Act
Chapter 2. Administrative Process
Chapter 3. Exemption 1: National Security Information
Chapter 4. Exemption 2: Internal Agency Rules
Chapter 5. Exemption 3: Information Exempted by Other Statutes
Chapter 6. Exemption 4: Business Information
Chapter 7. Reverse FOIA Litigation
Chapter 8. Exemption 5: Inter- and Intra-Agency Memoranda
Chapter 9. Exemption 6: Personal Privacy
Chapter 10. Exemption 7: Law Enforcement Records
Chapter 11. Exemption 8: Records of Financial Institutions
Chapter 12. Exemption 9: Oil Well Data
Chapter 13. Agency
Chapter 14. Agency Records
Chapter 15. Segregable Portions
Chapter 16. Fees and Fee Waivers
Chapter 17. Attorney Fees and Litigation Costs
Chapter 18. Record Exclusions
Chapter 19. The EFOIA Amendments of 1996
Chapter 20. Using FOIA as an Alternative or Adjunct to Civil or Criminal Discovery
Chapter 21: Litigation Strategy in FOIA Cases
Chapter 22. The Privacy Act
Chapter 23. Government in the Sunshine Act
Chapter 24. Federal Advisory Committee Act


Appendix A. The Freedom of Information Act
Text of the FOIA
Legislative History
1974 Conference Report
1996 EFOIA House Report (Excerpts)
Statement of Attorney General Ashcroft regarding FOIA

Appendix B. The Privacy Act
Legislative History

Appendix C. Government in the Sunshine Act
Legislative History

Appendix D. Federal Advisory Committee Act
Legislative History

Appendix E. Executive Orders and Regulations
E.O. 12958 (Classified National Security Information)
EO 13142 (update to 12958)
E.O. 12600 (Predisclosure Notification Procedure for Confidential Commercial Information

Appendix F. Sample Legal Documents
Sample Freedom of Information Act Request
Sample Request for Expedited Processing
Sample Freedom of Information Act Complaint
Sample Privacy Act Complaint
Sample Government in the Sunshine Act Complaint
Sample Federal Advisory Committee Act Complaint

Table of Cases