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Litigation Under the Federal Open Government Laws (FOIA) 2006


"The EPIC FOIA litigation manual remains the one indispensable tool for any lawyer representing clients seeking information from a federal agency or any lawyer thinking about bringing a FOIA case against the government. The book is a comprehensive, thoughtful, and easy-to-follow guide to open government litigation and is invaluable to practitioners."

Professor David Vladeck,
Georgetown University Law Center

"Deserves a place in the library of everyone who is involved in, or thinking about, litigation under the Freedom of Information Act."

– Steve Aftergood, Federation of American Scientists

Comprehensive, authoritative discussion of the federal open access laws, including:

  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Privacy Act
  • Federal Advisory Committee Act
  • Government in the Sunshine Act
  • Fully updated, 23rd edition of the manual that lawyers, journalists and researchers have relied on for more than 25 years. This edition includes recent case developments and an index to key terms.

    Appendices include sample FOIA request, sample request for expedited processing, and sample pleadings for the FOIA, the Privacy Act, and Federal Advisory Commission Act, and the Government in the Sunshine Act.

    Appendices are available free online at http://www.epic.org/foia/23/


    ISBN: 1893044300
    656 pages, $50
    Order from Amazon
    or email Burger AT epic.org

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    Litigation Under the Federal Open Government Laws, published by EPIC in cooperation with Access Reports and the James Madison Project, is a comprehensive guide to FOIA and open government, essential for anyone interested in open access laws. The book draws upon the expertise of practicing attorneys who are recognized experts in the field. The twenty-third edition includes a new chapter on searching for records, international open government resources, a glossary of key terms, and is updated with new significant cases.