The Privacy Law Sourcebook 2000

ISBN: 1893044084
616 pages, $40.00
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"The 'Physicians Desk Reference' of the privacy world."

-Evan Hendricks, Privacy Times

"This is a handy compilation of privacy law instruments and a 'must' for anyone seeking guidance about the location and content of the key statutes, treaties, and recent developments."

-American Society of International Law

"I recommend the book to anyone who has to deal with privacy issues and needs a handy and complete resource."

-Bob Gellman. Information and Privacy Consultant

The Privacy Law Sourcebook is the first one-volume resource for students, attorneys, researchers and journalists who need a comprehensive collection of US and International privacy law, as well as a fully up-to-date section on recent developments. Includes the full texts of most major privacy laws and directives, such as the FCRA, the Privacy Act, FOIA, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, Right to Financial Privacy Act, Privacy Protection Act, Cable Communications Policy Act, ECPA, Video Privacy Protection Act, OECD Privacy Guidelines, OECD Crytpography Guidelines, European Union Directives for both Data Protection and Telecommunications, and more.

The Privacy Law Sourcebook is updated and expanded for 2000 to include the new Canadian privacy law, the final documents for the Safe Harbor arrangement, and recent opinions from the European Commission on compliance with the EU Data Directive. Also included is an extensive section on privacy resources with useful web sites and contact information for privacy agencies, organizations, and publications.

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