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Information Privacy Law

Includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to Privacy
  • Privacy and the Media
  • Health and Genetic Privacy
  • Privacy and Law Enforcemen
  • Privacy of Associations, Anonymity, and Identification
  • Privacy, Records, and Computer Databases
  • Privacy and Place
  • International Privacy
  • insightful analysis of all the major cases including Bartnicki v. Vopper, Watchtower Bible v. Village of Stratton, United States v. Kyllo, McVeigh v. Cohen, United States v. Kennedy, Doe v. 2TheMart, United States v. Simons, and others
  • explanations of key statutes and regulations such as the Freedom of Information Act, Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, European Union Data Protection Directive, Electronic Communications

Information Privacy Law


Aspen Publishers, 2005
ISBN: 0735555761
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Now this rapidly evolving area of law finally has the text it deserves. Written by two of the field's leading figures, this book's readings and cases cover the full range of privacy issues, from Megan's Law to employee monitoring to genetic privacy. It also includes the first extensive coverage of several important topics, especially in such key areas as medical privacy and international law. This new title is succinct, making it easier to teach from and more engaging to students.

The best work on privacy law to date, this new text features:

  • a "dream team" author collaboration between Daniel J. Solove, one of the field's most prolific and respected scholars, and Marc Rotenberg, one of the leading experts in internet law and best-known privacy advocates in the world
  • a format that's easy to teach, with clear, engaging introductions to each topc, less extraneous material, a sharper focus on major cases, and an accessible organization for two- or three-credit courses
  • stimulating readings and pedagogy that cover the full spectrum of privacy issues and controversies, including such topics as Megan's Law, genetic privacy, internet profiling and cookies, government computer searches, employee monitoring, and more

The text is complemented with excellent print and Web teaching support, with a Teacher's Manual containing sample syllabi, case commentaries, and extra case materials - plus Author's Web site for new material and regular updates on relevant cases and legislation. For your next privacy law course, review the book with the authorship and currency to meet your needs - Information Privacy Law.

- Aspen Publishers