EPIC FOIA Notes #11
January 9, 2006

No-Bid Contracts Go to Vendors with Close Ties to Election Advisory Group

SNAPSHOT [click for full document—Part 1 | Part 2]

Documents obtained by EPIC from the Election Assistance Commission describe two no-bid contracts for work on voting system standards given to vendors with ties to the Commission's technical advisory committee.

Integrity of federal voting system standards.

For decades, the development of voting technology standards and the certification of election equipment has been controlled by a small number of election administrators and vendors. The Help America Vote Act was intended to replace this closed system with a new process based on public input. However, the law limits the staff of the key government agency. More than 40 states are receiving nearly $2 billion in federal funds to purchase voting systems and support election administration.

The Election Assistance Commission awarding no-bid contracts to those with ties to the agency's advisory committee could undermine trust in the nation's election system standards development process.


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